Wednesday, July 01, 2015

We have Hit the Scrapbooking Trifecta!


When 3 of the biggest powerhouses in the memory keeping industry come under one company, Youngevity the best way to describe it, is hitting the trifecta of the scrapbooking world!

Over the last month I have been listening to Team Lisa training calls and gathering information on our exclusive Facebook Group. The excitement is bubbling as the launch of Lisa Bearnson’s exclusive line, Anthology is just about a month away!

So, I have come to the conclusion that basically this is hitting the Scrapbooking Trifecta! I am not a gambler. Recently I was in Vegas and did not even pull a handle on a slot machine.  However, if I was this would be the hitting the jackpot! Glad to know I only put down $25 on this one. That’s all it took for me and now YOU, to join this powerful team.

Youngevity already provides powerful products that restore health and promote vitality and a very generous compensation plan.


Now they will have an entire "Memory Keeping Division" with Lisa Bearnson at the helm as Creative Ambassador.  Watch her video here.  She is passionate as ever about scrapbooking and paper crafting!

But how did all of this happen?  So, here's how it went down.

Youngevity purchased Heritage Makers,(a digital scrapbookingwendy-mcgee-square company that specializes in photo gifts and storybooks) in 2013.  Along with that came Wendy McGee, co-founder of Heritage Makers. Who is so fun and full of energy! We had a great chat, just the other day.


Rhonda-AndersonShortly after, Wendy brought on Rhonda Anderson who founded Creative Memories in 1987 and recently founded Our Memories for Life. This line is a little more reminiscent of CM.  Tools, adhesives, coverlets, refill pages and all the things CM lovers have missed.  Plus some NEW stuff of course!

Then Wendy brought Lisa Bearnson in to create an exlcusive line of memory keeping products, Anthology. Her role is not just a designer, but she is building a team of distributors to help her sell her line.   This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


In the next few weeks this is going to BLOW UP the social media scene and the scrapbooking world! You, yeah, YOU reading this right now, have a choice to make.

Do you want to save money or make money?

Save Money! Sign up as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER now and get 30% off all your purchases. Click here to learn how!

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Either way, we are going to have a blast doing something we love together!  If you have any questions, please ask me! I had a ton and was super apprehensive. You can read that story here.

Contact me and I’ll gladly walk you through it over the phone Smile

Until Next Time-

Be Blessed!


 Youngevity is now the best source for your memory keeping products, training, and support community, which also results in the best Direct Sales/Network Marketing business opportunity available!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why Youngevity? Empowering Women and Changing the World of Course!

What the Heck is Youngevity?

I have had a hard time explaining how wide and far this opportunity with Youngevity Heritage Makers, Our Memories for Life and coming soon, Anthology is.  This has the ability to change lives, yours included. If I didn't believe this 100% I wouldn't show you and tell you.

So, I invite you to watch this 3 minute video.  If you want to skip to the real good stuff, FFWD to 1:00 mark!! I would love to know what you think friends! After you watch the video scroll down and leave a comment.  You matter to me! Some of us have been together a long time!! I won't go into number of years....LOL!

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

When Lisa Bearnson Calls You, Answer!


Things are going to start to look a little different around here.  I will of course be sharing traditional and digital scrapbooking  and all the other projects in between!

However, after 8 years as a CTMH consultant I am switching gears. I hope you will keep reading and find out why it was hard to say no to this amazing opportunity with Lisa Bearnson and the founder of Heritage Makers, Wendy McGee and what’s in store for you!



So, you may be asking Why? How? Trust me, I did not go into this lightly.  As you read this, please keep in mind while all this is transpiring I am smack dab in the middle of a Bible study with Beth Moore about the Book of Esther. What does that have to do with anything? EVERYTHING! It’s all about destiny. It was about cleansing and washing your heart and making room for life! I didn’t know at the time how much it would impact me and the cleansing that was about to go down! 


It all started with a phone call from someone from my past, like 10 years ago!    We used to be leaders together at Leaving Prints and were good friends at the time.  However, when LP closed it’s doors, there was a lot of conflict that followed.  It was a very difficult time in my life, actually.  So, what in the world would she be contacting me for? 

Here was the message from Bible Study that week-

 “You cannot amputate your history and fulfill your destiny.”

“Your past and your future share the same root”

REALLY God? This is what you are telling me? It couldn’t have been more fitting. Here a friend from a rather painful part of my life is knocking on my door. So, I answered. Trust me, God has been working on that part of me for YEARS! The whole forgiveness thing. I was glad He had prepared me for this.

It was the same old LouAnn though, spunky as all get out with her southern accent and super excited to tell me about what she is up to now.  She’s rambling on about how Lisa Bearnson is coming out with a new product line and I could be on her team with this new company and get leads and so on and so forth.  I immediately started laughing and told her I was quite content where I was and thanks, but no thanks.  Don’t get me wrong it sounded very exciting and holy cow! Lisa Bearnson?  Somehow, I managed to keep my composure and even patted myself on the back for not being impulsive. Later, I would get a text or a Facebook message telling me bits and pieces that started to peak my interest. Still, I was holding strong.  I didn’t want to get caught up in the celebrity of it,  although that was pretty freaking cool!


   THEN…. Lisa Bearnson herself called and left a message on my cell phone. WHAT???? I really thought this was over and I made myself clear. I was not doing this.  It even took me a couple weeks to return the call and leave a message.  I was trying really hard to stay strong.  Shortly after that, she tweeted at me.  All the while I am deep in the middle of the Esther Bible study and the entire message is about destiny. 

“God calls you by name”

Apparently he was using Lisa this time!

So, now I have messages from God as well.  I have learned to listen and not ignore those for sure!  So, I gave in and decided I could at least listen to a recorded call about the opportunity.  I immediately fell in love with Wendy and Lisa. The word integrity was used quite a few times. That really spoke to my heart.

It’s a little bit to wrap my head around.  Here’s the long story short.  A year and a half ago a company called Youngevity purchased Heritage Makers and Our Memories for Life.  Shortly after,  Wendy McGee, the founder of the company made a brilliant decision to bring Lisa Bearnson on as the Creative Ambassador for this division.  Along with this, Lisa announced that she will have her own exclusive product line, Anthology AND will be looking for consultants to build a team and help her sell her product.





I had a lot of questions and Wendy was happy to call me and answer them. I even spoke with Lisa’s marketing manager.  I was beginning to see things differently and was beginning to feel cautiously optimistic.  Unfortunately, doing this meant according to CTMH policy I could no longer be a consultant. So, it was time to make a choice.

With Destiny Comes Dilemma” is the next messsage in the series. 

Well, I am glad that God decided to remind me of what I already clearly knew.  UGH! you can’t ignore stuff like this. Does’t He realize I am waist deep in kids and responsibilities. DId he also forget that Scott travels quite a bit? So, you think now is a good time to walk away from what I know and start a new business? 

“ God’s time is prime”

This isn’t about me. It’s about me helping others to find their purpose. 

“To identify is to testify”


Team Lisa


So, with peace in my heart, I am now a new member of Team Lisa! I am embarking on a new adventure as a publishing consultant with Heritage Makers, Our Memories for Life and coming very soon- Anthology by Lisa Bearnson! All of this under the parent company, Youngevity.  This gives me an even wider audience to share my story with.  Plus, a greater variety of projects to create and materials to use. Most of all, it helps me do the one thing I love to do. Encourage and inspire other women to feel empowered. To value themselves and see their purpose in this crazy world. To help others tell their story. To make sure people know they matter!


I am looking for people to help me do just that! You can join my team for as little as $25 and start purchasing your products at wholesales prices PLUS discounts!

Contact me if you have any questions or need help with setting up your account


Now, on to the FUN STUFF!!


If you want to learn more and sign up to be a preferred customer here. You will enjoy a variety of products at wholesale prices!

Sign up for a FREE Heritage Makers Studio Account

Click on image to see the 2015 Idea Book




That’s enough for today! I have so much to share and tell you!! So, I’ll see you tomorrow!


Until Then-



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Indoor Vertical Herb Garden on Barn Wood! Order Yours Today

Yes! More barn wood! I was inspired by a project I saw on The Chew the other day.  I added my own little touches and this is what I came up with.  A vertical indoor herb garden with all sorts of charm and vintage farmhouse appeal.  

 I love it so much!  Not only does it look adorbs in my kitchen, It will keep me from buying herbs that I never use all of and end up throwing out begrudgingly.

 Do you know someone who would like this hanging in their kitchen? I think this would make a great Mother's Day present.  Here's the best news! You can place your order today by clicking on the buy now button.  You can pay with a credit card and when it is done, you can come and pick it up at my cottage in Waterford!


 This indoor herb garden holder is vertical, which makes it a space saver! Built on authentic barn wood. Size: H: 3.5' x 7" across. It includes a saw tooth hanger on the back for ease of hanging right on a wall in your kitchen or any other sunny spot. The barn wood has been cut to resemble a picket fence. Also painted, white of course! 

3 tin can containers are attached with a single screw, so you can tilt the cans which is great for drainage and looks stylish! 

Mini clothespins are attached underneath each can. Perfect for clipping on included chalkboard signs.  When you change your herbs out, just simply erase.

The Fresh sign at the top is also made out of a piece of barn wood. Painted a pretty leaf green, it works as a chalk holder too.   I had to add some cute little white burlap strips tied in a knot around each can to add some charm. 

Plus! I will have fresh herbs at the ready, all year long! I LOVE that I don’t have to run to the store now when I need some fresh cilantro.  I don't need any extra counter space either. Get yours today! 


Until Next Time-
Be Blessed!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Unique Vintage Barn Wood Signs for Easter Using ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

The last couple weeks have been really uplifting and fun!   It all started as I shopped around for some Easter decorations. Nothing was really grabbing me.  I really couldn’t find the words I wanted. Then it became very simple.  The Easter message. For awhile now, I have wanted to create art based on my Faith, so I took this as a little nudge in that direction.


So, I grabbed some scraps of barn wood that I rescued from the burn pile.  I sanded them slightly with a very fine sandpaper grit.  So, as not to disturb the character of the wood. I painted them like Easter eggs. LOL!  I wanted bright and cheerful and pastels don’t do that for me. So, I grabbed some jewel tones and started mixing and layering acrylic paint.



I designed the writing in Cricut Design Space.  I LOVE that program!  At first I thought being able to cut any font was overwhelming.  But then I saw how easy and fun it was.  I went with my favorite, Digs My Hart.  I made my canvas in the program the exact size of my wooden pieces. It worked like a charm!  My hubby helped by attaching the twine perfectly with staples on the back.  This one I embellished just like I would anything else.  So, I added paper butterflies and flowers I have had in my stash for awhile. The best part is that several people saw these on my Facebook Page and wanted to purchase them.  I was so honored!

Risen_embellished (2)


Risen_simple (2)


Each one was so fun to make.  I wanted a coral color, so I mixed yellow and a darker pink.  This one is hanging on my door Smile Keep reading to find out about the flower.


For a little different look I used the same font and used the words to one of my favorite songs, “I Know My Redeemer Lives” by  Nicole. C. Mullen.


The butterfly is from the Close to my Heart Cricut Cartridge, Art Philosophy. I loved how intricate the design was and it has an accompanying base shape to back it. Which would have been easy enough.  But I wanted something more colorful and BOLD! We are talking about Jesus after all Winking smileI  applied the vinyl and colored in the wings. With what you ask?



Okay, it’s my favorite, versatile Shin Han Touch Twin Markers that can be found right in my online shop.   They are permanent alcohol markers

so they were the perfect medium to use. Guess what?  The tips weren’t ruined! They worked just as well on paper afterwards! I was impressed! Below are the colors I used.

Z2450  Cherry Pink

ZZ2454  Leaf Green

Z2452   Golden Yellow

Z2464  Tender Pink

Z2465  Turquoise Blue

Z2449  Cerulean Blue Light

When you zoom in on the burlap flower I made you can see I also colored the burlap leaves with the Leaf Green Marker.



If you want to see what other creations I am working on be sure to sign up for my blog posts to be delivered right to your inbox!

Go the right hand side bar and scroll down to “Subscribe to my Blog Posts”

Want to shop?


Until Next Time!

Be Blessed!


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Calling All 7-8 Grade girls in the Waterford Area!

For my regular readers this is a little off the beaten path.  My daughter Savana and I have taken on a new adventure that we hope will change lives! I learned about the non-profit organization, Girl Talk when I was a consultant with Thirty One.  They are huge supporters of this program.  It is a FREE peer to peer mentoring program that is all about empowering young women.


With the support of the Waterford Recreation Program and Fox River Middle School we started our own chapter in the Waterford area. Savana is one of the leaders and I am an adult advisor.  We will meet once a week and based on the lessons in the curriculum, girls will have a chance to discuss different topics with other girls their age.  More importantly, they will be hearing from the High School girls who have been there.




Girl Talk is for all girls!  WE welcome all girls! Whether you are homeschooled, private schooled or public schooled this is for YOU!  If you have ever felt like no one understands, you feel alone, pressured or just wish you had somewhere to go with all of those feelings? Do you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter, student, neighbor that wants to help others and make friends or that may struggle?  Then this is for HER! Help us spread the word!


 Click here to Learn More & to Sign Up!



Launch Party Poster

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CTMH Stamp of the Month Blog Hop- Typed Note

Welcome to the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop! If you came here from Michelle's Blog you are on the right track! Although it's April 1st. This is no fooling! As you go through the hop,you will find almost 70 different variations of artwork with this classic set, Typed Note. 
Don't forget!  It is only available this month!  This set of 19 stamps is great for all occasions, has an all around fun feel and it's timeless.  .  So, let's get started! First look at all of the fun greetings and messages.

I wanted a modern feel so I used our new washi tape, Carnival for the title and then used the typed message on the inside.  Love the Seaside paper with the worn wood look and polka dots on the other side.  Really, who could resist!?

Thanks for stopping by!  Now you are off to Paige's Blog!  for some fabulous artwork I am sure!



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