Tuesday, July 01, 2014

2 NEW CTMH Consultant Kits to Choose From- Still Just $99!

We are offering a really great opportunity right now! Once again our starter consultant kit is only $99, BUT! now you have 2 options!! A kit geared towards Memory Making or Card Making?

Either way you are getting off on the right foot and you will have the materials you need to start creating gorgeous artwork and conduct classes, workshops and gatherings!


  SEE Scrapbooking Consultant Kit FLYER Here

Click here to sign up!

Or a Card Makers Haven?
You can see the flyer here! It is valued at $370!!
Sign up Here

So, how do you picture Close to my Heart Fitting into Your Life?

What I have learned is the best way to look at an opportunity like this is to examine where it fits into your life already.

  • Do you lead a Brownie or Girl Scout Troop?
  • Do you plan activities for youth?
  • Do you capture a lot of photos?
  • Do you make handmade gifts?
  • Do you sell arts and crafts?
  • Do you create handmade cards?
  • Do you attend crops regularly?
  • Do you teach classes of any sort?
  • Do you organize retreats or events already?
  • Do you already LOVE CTMH and want all of our stuff?

Do you see where I am going with this?


I am sure there are things you are already involved in that you could use

CTMH product for.

  • Do you have any events that need party favors and decorations.

  • Does your group need a Historian or a Memory Keeper.  PTA? Choir? Sports?

  • Save yourself money,time,pain and anguish of wandering around the Big Box Stores not knowing what supplies to buy or how to use them!

So, can you see how having Close to my Heart products at your fingertips would be a handy thing? (no pun intended.) 

Once you’ve figured that out then it’s my job to SHOW YOU HOW!  Together will we will work on your individual plan.

So What Else Do I Get? (I’m glad you asked!)

1.  The backing of a solid, debt free, smart and innovative company with amazing leaders!


2.  Instant 22% commission (discount) on product orders! YES! That includes our fabulous Cricut Cartridges Collections! PLUS you earn FREE Select Product Credit based on your sales!

3. FREE Online Business Address- which means people can shop on your site and you will get a FREE MONTHLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER to send to your customers, family and friends!  This is a HUGE Value!

4. Turn-key workshops on the go! You have everything you need to start running your own monthly clubs, teaching classes or just get your own crafting done at a discount!


5. Tons of FREE Training Business, Creative, and Personal. There is no better FREE on the job training!


6.  A sisterhood to support you through our own private Team Facebook Group.

7. Monthly meetings and swaps.

8. Convention in Disneyland June 2015! You won't want to miss it!

YOU CAN EVEN Earn Your Kit Price Back!

When you reach your qualifying sales for Straight to the Top program the price of your Consultant Kit (minus shipping and handling) will be refunded to you and given to you on your Commissions!!

I’m Ready! What Do I do?


Click here to view the application and decide which kit is right for you!

It should only take about 5 minutes to complete the application. If you run into any problems while filling out the application, just give me a call and I can walk you through it.

I know first hand how hard it is to take that leap! You can read  MY STORY HERE


Then What Happens?

Once you have clicked submit and your tummy stops doing flips, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from CTMH.  It usually is within hours, but at times it may take a little longer. This email will hold the magic key, your user name and password to the Consultant Front Office.   You will receive your kit in about 1 week! Then the real fun will begin!

More questions? Feel free to contact me!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

July Stamp of the Month Blog Hop- Circus Alphabet


Welcome to the cutest blog hop on the block! If you came here from

WENDY’S BLOG you are on the right path! This month’s set is called “Circus” but don’t let that kid you! It is 2 sets of fun and whimsy for any occasion, reason or season! So, for $5 (when you spend $50) you’re getting 68 stamps!

10488067_10204219769720683_1032667907719151653_n (2)

They are so fun and versatile! Our family just welcomed in a new little baby girl. So, I knew this would be the prefect opportunity to try out some chalkboard subway art! I will add baby K’s photo later and give this as a gift to her grandma who is my cousin!

kennedyannouncement (2)

I worked with the white pigment ink as my base for the stamped letters and numbers. When it was dried or almost dry I went back over with colored pigment inks:


Cotton Candy


I love the way it smudged a bit to make it look like real chalk. 

I also raised some of the words with foam tape. I LOVE that I can have that fun look with added dimension.

The patterned paper is Lollydoodle, which is on it’s way out with the other retiring items.  So grab those and don’t forget your $5 stamp of the month!

Now you are on your way to Kathleen’s Blog for some more inspiration!!


Until Next Time-

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June Stamp of the Month Blog Hop- KABOOM!


Welcome to our CTMH Stamp of the Month Blog Hop.  If you came from my crafty sister, Wendy’s Blog then you are on the right path! This month’s stamp, “KABOOM” is a set of 16 stamps that can be used in the background or be the focal point of your project. These graphics are perfect way to add ‘POP’ to all your summer celebrations and beyond!

2014 - June SOTM - Stamp Image for Blog Hop - edited (2)

Now, I could not even compete with the artwork department created so why try right? LOL! Actually the little girl on this layout is my bestie, Fancy Melissa’s daughter.  So cute right? You can click here to see all of the projects up close.


Let’s take a closer look at this fun “Freedom” layout created by CTMH Art Department. It’s a combination of Skylark paper and stamped images from the June SOTM.  The fireworks add a nice subtle design to the background.  Click on the photo to see all the details and instructions so you can make your own Smile


Remember, this stamp set is only available for a limited time. Get yours for $5 when you spend $50, and THEN you can ALSO choose a gift collection for only $30!
Now keep hopping! Your next stop is Maureen’s Blog for some more inspiration.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Month of “May”hem in Rewind


Sometimes life just flies by so fast that I swear if I didn’t take pictures I would forget it happened.  Maybe I dreamt it.  Have you ever felt like that?? Well, that is how my month of May was. I say that in the most loving and positive way possible!

Actually it started in April when I went on a little trip to NEW YORK CITY with Savana and the music department at Waterford HS.  What a trip it was!

Here are just a few pics of some of the great moments we shared!

My most treasured moment was seeing Wicked on Broadway with my girl right next to me.  Best Mother/ Daughter moment ever!!

We had a great time and many stories will be shared in the scrapbooks. As soon as I stop having flashbacks! LOL! A few short days after we returned, we were off to State Competition for Solo and Ensemble.

Savana also did a solo and received a rating of 1 which is the best you can get! She sang a classical song in Italian.

Then we were off to my cousin’s wedding dinner/reception in Oshkosh.  It was so beautiful and was a fun break.

We stayed over night and left early in the morning so we could get back in time for Savana’s 2 Spring Concert performances.  She sang a great Broadway piece, “100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man.”

Enjoy a short and sassy performance of Broadway’s “100 Easy Ways To Lose a Man”

In between performances was the Awards Banquet.

I was also named Choir Parents Association President.  Oh boy!

THEN…. the very next day Savana turned 16 and it was Cinco De Mayo.  What a fun day to celebrate! Since everyone else was.  We went to El Beso’s for Mexican food of course.

We were also having fun watching Sofie playing soccer with the Yellow Pirates of the Waterford Recreation Department.  The coaches have been great with her.  One year ago at her IEP we all decided a group sport like this would be almost impossible for her. Guess she proved us all wrong!  She always does!!

Next it was Mother’s Day! I got a big girl camera and enjoyed a wonderful homemade breakfast.  Eggs Benedict tradition lives on! Then it was on to my Mom’s. Scott cooked a wonderful meal on the grill and we got to see my grandma, “Ma”, in the yellow. Can you believe she is 94 years old???


Oh! and I made a really fun pop up card for my Mom. She loved it! I am hoping to teach a class on it this summer. It was simply too much fun to make (once I figured it out of course)!

Then is was Sofie’s turn to perform! Concert day and night at Evergreen!

Later that week I hosted a group of fifth graders for a special birthday party at my Cottage. It was so fun. It happens so fast I rarely get pictures.  Weird I know. Here is the banner the birthday girl’s mother ordered.

On the same day Savana went to prom for her first time.  A friend of hers who is a Senior invited her to go and they had a blast.

Next Day was my Godson’s Mommy’s Baby Shower.

The best part of the shower is when I was interrogated on why I didn’t plan a birthday party for Savana’s Sweet 16.  So, we did. Right then and there we planned a surprise party that would happen in one week from the day! I Thank GOD my best friend, Trudy, was coming to visit that weekend.  She was a HUGE help and gave me lots of moral support too Winking smileWe went with a Luau theme. I will post more about that in the near future. So Fun!!!

Then the final weekend of May we ended up going to Minnesota to see our good friends.  It was such a nice break and we had a great time! More on that to come as well.  Now it’s on to the end of school and bring on SUMMER!  I hope you had a great May. I really do welcome and embrace these busier times. I know they won’t last forever. Well, they will once I get them in a scrapbook. Winking smile

Until Next Time-

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May CTMH Stamp of the Month “You’ve Got a Friend” and a Mini Gift Bag

Welcome to our CTMH Stamp of the Month Blog Hop.  If you came from my crafty sister, Michelle's Blog then you are on the right path! This month’s stamp, “You’ve Got a Friend” is a set of 5 bold fun and whimsy stamps! These graphics are perfect for all sorts of reasons and seasons!You've Got A Friend web

 I am so incredibly blessed when it comes to Sofie’s Support Family!  She has had one of her teachers since she was in kindergarten.  So, I am looking forward to teacher appreciation week to spoil her! I decorated a simple mini lunch bag that I plan on putting brownie bites in.



I used the exclusive and funky paper, Free to be Me that is our May promotion for National Scrapbook Month. I also used the card pattern from the Free to be Me Workshop.  I simply scaled it down for a mini lunch bag. I added a few extra touches like covering a mini clothespin with coordinating paper and aqua dots.  If you haven’t played with those yet, you have to!  They are so fun and pack a decorative punch!


Remember, this stamp set is only available for a limited time. Get yours for $5 when you spend $50, plus the paper pack at a special price as well!

Now keep hopping! Your next stop is Dawn Ross' Blog for some more inspiration.

Until Next Time-

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Autism Through Her Sister’s Eyes


Savana wrote this at age 10 for an Anthology Contest.  The theme was “The Future”.   It was published, but never shared.  Sometimes we forget how it all looks through a sibling’s eyes.  A lot of things have gotten better, (Sofie was potty trained fully about 2 years ago) some things have gotten worse.  But what has not changed is the love she has for Sofie.

Do You Ever Wonder

By Savana Schraeder


Do you ever wonder what the future holds? I wonder all the time. My sister, Sofie, was diagnosed with PDDNOS two years ago. That means she is on the Autism Spectrum. Those two years have been very emotional years. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve been through tough times, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

There have been days where we want to ring her neck, exhibit A: Sofie sees a McDonald’s sign and starts screaming chicken nuggets and won’t stop until you pull over to the drive through. Exhibit B: Sofie goes out the emergency exit door at McDonald’s causing the alarm to go off. Children were crying, parents were looking, and Sofie was laughing. Then there have been days where she’s sitting around looking so cute and I think to myself {I couldn’t have asked for a better sister.}

Sofie is six years old. She was diagnosed with PDDNOS when she was only four years old. She is in her second year of kindergarten. Every morning we hope and pray that she will fly out of bed and come downstairs with a smile on her face and no spectrum. But, we know that’s never going to happen. I am usually the one who thinks that. Mom asks me, “If Sofie didn’t have autism our life would be pretty boring wouldn’t it?”

We do all that we can for her with proper medications, special teachers and therapists. We even buy her special materials. But even that’s not enough. Sometimes all you need is support, guidance and empathy. Those things can fill you up in a heartbeat. Those are the things we give her every day of her life.

Every body she sees thinks she’s normal. But, eventually we have to tell them, when necessary that she’s not. She’s in her own little world 24-7. She makes everyone she sees smile. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She is always happy and brings joy to others with her infectious smile. On my gloomiest days Sofie can turn my mood around in a heartbeat. I guess you could say she is our inspiration, our momentum, our influence.

Sometimes when you have something to share or tell something you just can’t wait can you? Well, that’s kind of how it is with hopes and dreams. You have to tell somebody right? Otherwise you lose your train of thought. Now with Sofie it is a little different. She doesn’t know how to process it all. So you wonder too what is going on in her head? Nobody knows.

Sofie doesn’t have any hopes or dreams or goals in life that we know of. She focuses on the present and what is happening now. Like, what is for lunch, what is on TV at night or is Daddy coming home. We are the ones left to wonder while she lives in today. When I watch her a lot of questions come to mind. Will she go to prom? Will she graduate high school? Will she go to college? My Mom just asks will she ever get potty trained. We ask all these questions, but will we ever know. We will only know when the time comes.

Don’t get me wrong, Sofie is succeeding. Each day is another step and we make sure we celebrate small victories. Like when she speaks a full sentence, or recognizes a letter. Those small steps are big for Sofie. They are big for all of us.

I read a quote the other day and it said, “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all”. I love that saying because it shows that no matter what, we still are a family. That is how it is in our life. Life throws us twists and turns when we least expect it. We make it through by helping each other out with everything like homework, chores, cooking dinner, and so many other things I can’t list.

We never know what the next day will bring. We can’t tell our future. Come to think of it, nobody can. We may make plans or have something mapped out, but maybe we should live in the moment like Sofie. All she has is this moment and she likes to make the best out of every chance she’s got. The point I’m trying to make is live your life this moment and let God take care of the rest. We know He will for Sofie. In the meantime I will wonder, hope and dream for her.


This is now.  Savana is turning 16 next month and Sofie will be 12 in June.

Today is Autism Awareness Day. Savana baked blue sprinkle cookies to entice her friends to wear blue.  She tweeted, texted and Facebooked it out.  Sofie saw the cookies and in her sweetest Sofie voice said “ Can I have 2 cookies cuz I have Autism?”  She spoke so clearly, we just started laughing.  Then I said, “I must get at least a dozen since I am the Mom of a child with Autism.”  But the truth is, who needs cookies when you have times like this.  Like Savana wrote above, we just live in the moment.


These amazing photos were taken courtesy of Gigi's Joy Photography. Trust me it took a professional to capture this moment. It’s all complimentary for a www.storiesofAutism.com project.  Much more to share this month.

Until Next Time-

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Why Pay for a CTMH Cricut Collection When You Can Get it for FREE!


Yep, that’s right!  This is NOT an April Fool’s Joke either!

A FREE Cricut Collection! 

When you sign up to be a consultant for only $99, you will also choose a collection for FREE!  So, if I am doing the math right, that is about $400 in product for only $99!

Kit Picture

At the time of sign up you will choose which Cricut Collection you want for FREE!

Which One Will it Be??


Artbooking Graphic


Artiste Graphic


Art Philosophy Graphic

Here’s the thing, our Cricut Collections are not only fun, but they are so functional for your business.  I have been using mine for thank you gifts, cards, hostess packets, party favors and so much more! I would LOVE to share all of this with you when you join my team!

I have 7 years of tips to help make you successful! I am not just going to TELL you how to be a CTMH consultant, I am going to show you! We will work together to make a plan based on your strengths.  There are so many different paths you can take!

If you are ready, all you have to do is fill out the online application.  When it is accepted you will get an email and your kit will be shipped in about a week!

I can help you complete the application  right over the phone, if you run into any problems, or have questions I will walk you through it step by step. Smile{262-813-0118}

Don’t hesitate to contact me!


Until Next Time-

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